Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crochet Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Our first DIY project!!!

Its super easy to do, with endless possibilities. There are many combinations of beading cords (waxed cotton cord, nylon cord, silk thread, beading wire, etc.), and beads (glass, wood, crystals, semi precious, etc.). We used a white waxed cotton cord, but you can use any color. You should ask yourself  two things when selecting the thread, first, Is it strong enough for daily wear? and second, Will it fit comfortably through the bead hole?

What you will need.
Cord (2 yards should be enough for a 2 wrap bracelet. You can adjust it to a single wrap or triple wrap. Just keep in mind one yard will equal one wrap. This is giving more than enough material for the ends to secure your closure.) If your cord is on a spool don't cut it!!! If it isn't on a spool find a pill bottle or something similar to wrap it around. It will be easier to handle that way.
Beads (42)
Clear Glue or Clear Nail Polish
A big bead, button or charm for closure.
Crochet Needle I/5.50

First step is to thread all the beads. You may want to stiffen the tip of your cord by applying clear nail polish to the last half inch of the tip. Let air dry before adding your beads and cut off once you are done. This will make it easy for you to thread the beads.
Keep in mind that if you want a longer or shorter bracelet you should adjust the amount of beads. It is always better to have more beads than you need strung, you could always just leave them, you can control that. It will however, be complicated to add more beads once you start your project, specially if your cord is on a spool.

Once all your beads are threaded, we need to make a slip knot, making sure we leave a tail long enough to make our closure loop or to add the end bead ( about 4 to 5  inches)
From the slip knot we start making the bracelet. Its made just as if you where making a chain. If you have never done crochet, on this video you can see how to start, and you just repeat the process until desired length.

Here your chain is done with all the beads.

Now we are going to make the end loop. Before making the loop, we need to secure the crochet work, take the tail and thread it through the end loop, then pull to tighten. 

Now we start the loop. When making this loop you want to make sure it will be just big enough for the bead to go through without it being to loose that the bead could slip out easily. Once you have the loop at the correct size, secure with knots and clear glue or nail polish.

To finish, lets secure the bead you will use for your closure. Make some knots and apply your glue or nail polish to secure.

Trim the ends and let the glue dry.

Congrats.....we are done!!!



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